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How to beat the negative voice in your creative head.

I recently had with someone who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!) about keeping the passion going for what I do.  They asked how I manage to not let negative thoughts get the better of me, and how I keep going when things get tough.  Well, I'm not super woman and I do get those voices of doubt, but I know they are not me, I know they are the 'Itty Bitty Shitty Committee' that is just there to make things harder.  We all have one, it's just how you deal with them... I hope you enjoy todays video, it's a quickie (though the first few seconds it seems like I'll never get on with what I want to say, I promise I do!) [embed][/embed] As always, send your questions to me at Stay Wonderful, Jen xx PS Subscribe to my channel on YouTube for more #BusinessBabeBites

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Classy and functional!

Love my Model KT bag! Received bag in a nicely wrapped box and dust bag. Also received compliments on how beautiful the bag is. Strap is a little long for me since I'm a petite lady.. Would like additional holes so I can adjust the strap to fit me. Thanks Jennifer!

Thank you for your fabulous review Renee! You can make your strap shorter with this technique here (my fave way to wear my Model KT!), I'll also email you directly about getting some more holes in the strap =) Best wishes, Jennifer ❤️
A lovely complement to my KT and KT Mini

I'm now a proud owner of all three JH designs. My Sakura purse is super stylish and fits all the essentials.


Quick delivery nicely packaged it’s a Christmas gift

Small but perfectly formed

I bought this to compliment my Model KT and I was a little concerned about the size. This purse is small but mighty. I love it so much I use it out of work too. It has shown me I don't need a big purse as this holds all I need. I love it!

Style Perfection

I bought the Model KT in black for work. This bag is beyond my expectations. I can carry everything I need whilst looking stylish too. I often have to dash from location to location and this carries everything. The shopping bag is particularly hand if I need to nip out at lunch. I am so pleased I purchased this and I am considering the mini KT to compliment this.