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What's in Your Handbag, Fran McElwaine?

bag-pumpkin-2 On Monday I had the pleasure of chatting to Fran McElwaine from Prϋv Wellness, a woman who is clearly in love with her life and work.  Fran is a holistic health specialist and helps clients to balance hormones, boost their immune system, manage weight and rediscover lost energy - plus lots more.  You can see the post here if you missed it; Fran shares some fabulous insights from her own journey from corporate employment into going it alone. Fran has been so kind as to join in our fun 'What's in Your Handbag?' post today - I absolutely love these as I think they show an extra little bit of the personality behind our inspiring business woman!    Fran tells me that this gorgeous orange handbag is one she designed herself!  As she's quite fussy about hand bags and can usually never find one that has enough pockets, she had this one made and loves it.  That's my kind of action taking! So Fran; what's in your handbag? whats-in-my-handbag-fran-mcelwaine-jennifer-hamley-work-bag I am on the go most of the time, so tend to carry a lot in my hand bag! 1. I never go anywhere without something healthy to eat on me.  Usually fruit, nuts and seeds. 2. My notebook is my life saver! I am very dyslexic and need to write everything down and I also use my notebooks to brainstorm ideas and track conversations with my clients, so I always, always have one with me. 3. Self-care, gets to be increasingly important at my age!  Hand-cream, lip balm – essential, never leave the house without them.  I usually use the Clarins hand cream but am experimenting with this one from Dr Sebagh at the moment.  Seems pretty good to me. 4. I also like to carry around a nice scent. Usually something quite fresh and I love the little handbag sized bottles from Jo Malone. 5. My powder compact from Clarins is brilliant. Take it everywhere.  I actually took the time to get the colour properly matched and what a difference that makes!  I find this really good for touch-ups and it just evens everything out without making you look weird. 6. I love the plain and simple nail files from Boots and am never without them. 7. Lippy, always a must. I’m trying to be brave and use nice bright colours, but I keep reverting  back into my comfort zone and neutral tones like this one, also from Clarins. 8. Hair clip. I tend to put my hair up and down a lot, so need to have the tools with me! 9. Tissues, they always come in useful.  Eating is often an emotional issue, and it is always good to have them with me for client consultations. 10. Driving glasses – old age again! 11. Water is essential. I drink a lot, never out of plastic bottles, and always have some with me. 12. Phone charger. I can’t count the number of times I have had to re-charge my phone while on the go and bitter experience has taught me to be prepared! 13. Pens!  There are usually at least two scudding around somewhere in my bag. 14. Business cards, you never know who you’re going to meet. 15. I have a ridiculous superstition and always have red wallets because  once upon a time someone told me they were lucky.  This one is actually a bit too big and is complicated to manage, so I am on the hunt for a new one. Thank you for being our inspiring business woman of the week Fran!  I love your superstition in regards to red wallets, I have a similar thing with red shoes (for red shoes are magic shoes!)  Keep an eye out for the wallets in our A/W collection you might like what we have planned... ;) If you think you might be interested in balancing your own hormones, boosting energy or have immune system questions, take a peek at Fran’s website and get in touch with Fran.  She's an absolute gem and would be happy to help you out.  Here are some links so that you can find her on social media too!


I feel honoured to be able to interview to so many inspiring ladies, to learn from them, to peek inside their handbags (hurrah) and to introduce them to you; our growing tribe.  I hope you're enjoying the series as much as I am.  I'll have another inspirational business woman to introduce you to on Monday, next up is Artist and entrepreneur, Clare Haxby.

Until then, have a fantastic day!

Jennifer x


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Classy and functional!

Love my Model KT bag! Received bag in a nicely wrapped box and dust bag. Also received compliments on how beautiful the bag is. Strap is a little long for me since I'm a petite lady.. Would like additional holes so I can adjust the strap to fit me. Thanks Jennifer!

Thank you for your fabulous review Renee! You can make your strap shorter with this technique here (my fave way to wear my Model KT!), I'll also email you directly about getting some more holes in the strap =) Best wishes, Jennifer ❤️
A lovely complement to my KT and KT Mini

I'm now a proud owner of all three JH designs. My Sakura purse is super stylish and fits all the essentials.


Quick delivery nicely packaged it’s a Christmas gift

Small but perfectly formed

I bought this to compliment my Model KT and I was a little concerned about the size. This purse is small but mighty. I love it so much I use it out of work too. It has shown me I don't need a big purse as this holds all I need. I love it!

Style Perfection

I bought the Model KT in black for work. This bag is beyond my expectations. I can carry everything I need whilst looking stylish too. I often have to dash from location to location and this carries everything. The shopping bag is particularly hand if I need to nip out at lunch. I am so pleased I purchased this and I am considering the mini KT to compliment this.