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What's in Your Handbag, Nikki Loy?

Whilst conducting my research into creating handbags that are stylish, beautifully made and which support the busy lifestyles of women today, I got to know some really inspirational ladies - a fabulous group of business owners, entrepreneurs, inspiring and courageous women.  I have learnt so much from these women on my journey, that I wanted to come up with a way to introduce them to you, to get them to share some insights into their success and to show us THEIR handbags!  We all love a little bit of a nosey, so I thought it would be great fun to find out what these women carry in their handbags day to day, then ask them to share some of their secrets of success. So from today, on Mondays I will introduce you to a new business-super-woman, and we will take a look into her handbag.  On Thursday’s I will offer you the opportunity to get to know her, her life and her business a little better with a quick fire Q&A session.  Things may change with the format as I go along, but thats ok with me.  I hope you will enjoy the series as much as I am enjoying putting it together. Onto week one with the Fabulous Nikki Loy... Nikki Loy is a singer songwriter from Oxford.  I first met Nikki via Twitter, we were both booked onto The Blogcademy in London back in July, and were getting excited about getting as many attendees together as possible, via social media, for coffee before class.  Sometimes when you meet someone online, they are completely different in person, but not Nikki – she is true to her online voice; passionate, stylish and fun.  We instantly got on like long lost friends. Song-35 As a musician, Nikki has been fulfilling her dreams performing and recording full time for five years; she describes her music as an overflow from her life; which really comes across when you listen to her music.  Nikki is also a talented painter & illustrator, and is in the process of writing her own beautifully illustrated children’s books. Believing in big dreams and that anything is possible, positivity flows from Nikki, she works hard and supports the dreams of others.  In fact it was Nikki’s ‘Write 52 songs in 52 weeks’ challenge that has inspired my own challenge; ’52 Handbags in 52 weeks’ - more about that next week. I am thrilled to have Nikki here today to show us what is in her Handbag, over to you Nikki: Nikki numbers Whats in my handbag 1. My sunnies! An absolute necessity even in winter. I love they match my purse. 2. Lippy of varying descriptions – needs no explanation of course. 3. My purse. 4. My sketchbook – Can’t be without a place to create on the move! 5. My pencil/paintbrush roll – I use this instead of a pencil case because it opens out flat. Easy access when I have got my creative flow on. 6. Headphones – A must have at all times! I listen to a lot of music, books and podcasts when I am travelling. 7. A bunch of plectrums for playing guitar! 8. My phone – nuff said. 9. A set of contact lenses.   10. House Key -  for our cottage in the country 11. A tin of moisturiser – which I love cause it matches my branding… well, kind of! ;)  I really look forward to chatting with Nikki on Thursday and getting to know what drives her in her creative endeavours, I hope you are too.  In the meantime, check out Nikki's website to download free tracks, listen to what is happening in her 52 songs in 52 weeks song challenge and chat to her on the Socials.  I'll pop all of her links below. Jen xx

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Small but perfectly formed

I bought this to compliment my Model KT and I was a little concerned about the size. This purse is small but mighty. I love it so much I use it out of work too. It has shown me I don't need a big purse as this holds all I need. I love it!

Style Perfection

I bought the Model KT in black for work. This bag is beyond my expectations. I can carry everything I need whilst looking stylish too. I often have to dash from location to location and this carries everything. The shopping bag is particularly hand if I need to nip out at lunch. I am so pleased I purchased this and I am considering the mini KT to compliment this.

Beautiful Stylish Girl Boss Bag!!!!

I received my Model KT bag today and I must say it is absolutely beautiful. I am in awe of its beauty. So well made. Its was well worth the wait. ;) Hugs Jennifer xoxoxo

Great gift! - Sakura Coin Purse in Teal

Bought as a present for my wife, she loves it. Bright, individual and high quality, great gift idea!


Sakura Purse - Black