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Work and Travel - A Personal Post

jennifer-hamley-luxury-leather-ipad-case-pouch-clutch-salamander It seems like it's been a while since my last update of what is going on at Jennifer Hamley HQ, so I thought I'd share a more personal post today: As you may know, we will be relocating to Bali for a while ('we' would be myself and my husband Ben, who now works in the business too - I'll write a post introducing him soon!)  The reason for the move?  I spend 80% of my time at my laptop, so I wondered if it would be possible to explore the world whilst running the business at the same time.  I hear of all kinds of businesses run by 'digital nomads' every day, and as we already work with people from around the world to make the handbags a reality, little will change (apart from some time zone adjustments for our phone calls!) I've have been asked how I will cope being so far from home; away from friends and family, away from the support and network of fellow entrepreneurs I have in the UK.  I believe that travel can make things new and exciting - I embrace change rather than run from it.  It opens up ideas that I wouldn't have had sat in the same chair at the same table back home.  I am bound to my friends and family by the glorious internet, and that network will grow from meeting new people.  And honestly, if it doesn't work out, I can get on a plane and come back home anytime. jennifer-hamley-model-kt-work-bag-luxury-work-handbag-salamander Plans never go quite as expected, and already we have had to change our flight date.  We were supposed to fly out on the 29th October, after the delivery of the Sakura and Mini KT handbags.   Unfortunately a delay in manufacturing has pushed everything back a month (much to my disappointment, I hate to let my pre-order customers down) and we are now flying on the 6th December after the bags arrive later in November. Never liking to do things the easy way, we moved out of our house already!  As we were flying out on the 29th October we decided to spend our last few weeks visiting friends and family so moved out early (1st September early!).  With the change of our flights we suddenly had to think fast on where to live, and have been house sitting and looking after pets for friends, friends of friends and family members.  We became digital nomads earlier than expected!  The amazing thing?  Already travel has made me more aware of new ideas, I move more quickly, and I get to work in some beautiful spaces (today's pictures are from when we were staying in South Gloucestershire and I made myself very comfortable working in the garden 'jungle hut') leather-handbags-and-workbags-salamander-ipad-case-jennifer-hamley Today we are in the Peak District, the next two weeks will be in Cornwall.  All the time we'll be running the business with a new picturesque view to look at over the top of our laptops.  I'm very grateful that we've taken the leap to live this way for a time.  I'll keep you up to date on how it goes. I'd love to hear your thoughts, have you worked and travelled?  Ever moved out of your house accidentally to early (!) or have any questions?  I'd love to hear them. Jen      

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Classy and functional!

Love my Model KT bag! Received bag in a nicely wrapped box and dust bag. Also received compliments on how beautiful the bag is. Strap is a little long for me since I'm a petite lady.. Would like additional holes so I can adjust the strap to fit me. Thanks Jennifer!

Thank you for your fabulous review Renee! You can make your strap shorter with this technique here (my fave way to wear my Model KT!), I'll also email you directly about getting some more holes in the strap =) Best wishes, Jennifer ❤️
A lovely complement to my KT and KT Mini

I'm now a proud owner of all three JH designs. My Sakura purse is super stylish and fits all the essentials.


Quick delivery nicely packaged it’s a Christmas gift

Small but perfectly formed

I bought this to compliment my Model KT and I was a little concerned about the size. This purse is small but mighty. I love it so much I use it out of work too. It has shown me I don't need a big purse as this holds all I need. I love it!

Style Perfection

I bought the Model KT in black for work. This bag is beyond my expectations. I can carry everything I need whilst looking stylish too. I often have to dash from location to location and this carries everything. The shopping bag is particularly hand if I need to nip out at lunch. I am so pleased I purchased this and I am considering the mini KT to compliment this.