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Great gift! - Sakura Coin Purse in Teal

Bought as a present for my wife, she loves it. Bright, individual and high quality, great gift idea!


Sakura Purse - Black

Pretty neat in my pocket

Neat and handy for all my coins and cards. Fits nicely into my pocket when out for a walk or out shopping. Beautiful vibrant easy to find colour when she is in my handbag.

Work bag when traveling

Pros: Used this bag on a work trip, and this bag was perfect for carrying my laptop and work documents. The bag is designed to nicely slide over the handle of my rolling luggage, so I didn't have to lug the bag on my shoulder while trekking across the airport. The detachable pouch worked well for meeting folks for drinks, and I got compliments on the pouch quality and design.
Cons: The bag gets heavy when you load it with items. Would be nice to have a detachable top handle option (to switch out from the long shoulder strap). Also would be nice for the detachable pouch to have a wristlet loop (to loop around your wrist) when you are clutching the pouch in your hands/under your armpit during a night on the town.
Overall: great bag with well-thought-out design for the working woman, and I would purchase again!

Thank you for your lovely review. I'm so happy that your bag has made trips through the airport a breeze. I've taken into account your comments about the optional short strap and have spoken to our manufacturer - we'll launching them soon! For now, I hope that this video helps you to use your Model KT with the strap converted to a shoulder strap Feel free to email me anytime if you need any further help at all, Jennifer
Best handbag ever!

I've had a small collection of bags over the last few years and I used to swap the around...but none of them had everything I wanted. One had a clip for keys, another had pen holders, another had card holders, but only the JH has everything! I love it. And it's much less hassle for me to stick to one bag than to keep swapping and changing!


Beautiful piece !! Great for a gift or for a special gift for yourself

Don't underestimate this little purse!

All my purses have been quite big chunky things with lots of compartments. Probably too many, to be honest. So I was slightly worried about how I would adapt to a smaller purse - but it's actually been a Godsend. I can carry around all the cash and cards I need and actually love the fact that the purse is small and neat. It's so lovely to handle; the leather is beautiful. Highly recommended.

Why did I wait?

I took my time deciding to buy one of these bags - I am so glad I finally did. It is a gorgeous bag to use and I think that's one of the most important things about a bag - does it work for you? This one does. It has everything you need and you get access to everything in there. Also (but not least) the colour is amazing. I bought aubergine and I love it. I'm glad to say its taken over from my other bags (sorry other bags). The leather is top class quality and it shows. I'm very proud to own it! Thank you Jen!

Model KT Work Bag with Detachable Clutch - Teal
Never been more happy

I can wear it anytime with anything and feel like a PRO lady, I feel like a not only a woman working. I feel like I can own the work, like a boss. Really great bag and I now want the smaller bag

Most stylish work bag ever!

I have had my Model KT bag in aubergine for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! The colour is beautiful - feminine and subtle enough for the office but still a bit of a statement colour. I always bring my laptop home after work, so I need a practical bag for it. The first few days I carried both my KT and my regular handbag to the office, but now I carry only the KT since I can fit most of the things from my handbag in the KT. My laptop, which is on the larger side, fits well into the main compartment - the laptop compartment is perfect for my makeup bag. The clutch is ingenious! I recommend this bag to anyone who wants to have a stylish work bag!

Beautiful bag

The quality of the bag is fantastic. The design is outstanding and perfectly fits my needs, while being extremely stylish. Love it!

I love my bag!

I absolutely love my new Mini KT bag. It is a practical size, and fits a lot of things but is also small and compact so easy to use as a day to day handbag, and is so beautifully made. The leather is of a very high quality and the finish with branded zippers is beautiful. A truly wonderful handbag that I feel very lucky to own. The light fabric inside makes it easy to see inside and the very useful and plentiful array of inner pockets and zipped sections means all my items are stored in their rightful and easy to access place.

Love my Mini KT!

It’s classy and cute and really versatile. Luxurious and high quality for the price. Perfect for lighter work days and a great complement to my full size salamander KT. Only suggestion - i’d love a zip-off envelope bag on the Mini like the full size KT.

Sakura Coin Purse

I recenently too part in a competition and won the Sakura Coin purse. It is really lovely purse. Let be the big gold clasp/zip and the black leather is very nice. This purse is a beautiful and stylish little number. thanks Jennifer!

Sakura coin purse!

Amazing work as always, I love my new purse and have recommended any Jennifer Hamley bags to all my lovely working friends

Beautiful and useful!

I absolutely love my Jennifer Hamley KT Mini bag, it's an eye opener. I have never owned such an item before. A dedicated workbag and such a good quality one too. But already I see the appeal. There is a little space for everything and my tidier handbag feels like a tidier mind.. and thus I am more productive.. at least I like to think so...and if not, at very least I am enjoying my mobile work life more. And most definitely in a more beautiful way - The teal is stunning. This little lovely has sooo much going for it. Every time I put my hand in one of the pockets, even the small ones I am struck by how nice they feel, and roomy! And, I stress less because I know exactly where my keys are, every time. I haven't had chance to use the travel card function but it's in place excitedly awaiting the next trip to London. When you live with this bag you realise it's really no wonder Jen won two international handbag designer awards.. it's just brilliant!

Lovely Sakura purse

I bought this lovely purse to use with my Model KT - mainly for travelling when I don't want to use my Mini KT handbag, but I want cash easily to hand. The Sakura purse is great. The middle section can be used for cash and the two pockets to separate loyalty cards from credit cards, or one used for bank notes. The coin purse also works well if I am going for a walk. Then I don't want any bags at all, but I will often want some cash. The purse slips easily into the pocket of my jeans. As usual with Jennifer Hamley designs the purse is classy, understated and elegant and the aubergine colour is excellent.

Lovely, practical purse

Love this purse, super soft leather and beautiful colour. Just the right size for putting in a clutch bag with space for coins and cards/notes which is rare. Love the hardware too.

Great bag

Love the leather, the colour and all the compartments. I take the bag with me when I travel for work: I can get A4 documents in it, the shopping bag means I can carry my lunch easily and the zip off clutch is great for taking out in the evening. I love the branded hardware too, and have received many compliments on my bag.

Beautiful purse

I have purchased the Sakura purse in teal as a gift for someone I know will love the colour. As I already have one I know it will be beautifully made and just the right size for a couple of essentials.

Excellent value and quality!

I've been really impressed with the Mini KT, it's excellent value and very good quality. The compartments are well thought out, especially the Oyster Card holder. It's comfy to wear for long periods and the hidden magnets are a great design feature. I'm excited to see more from the Jennifer Hamley brand.


I have been using my Model KT for about a month now and it's AWESOME. It's awesome for many reasons and here are just a few to mention. Firstly, it's totally versatile, fitting in with both my work and play look, no need to change bags! Secondly, The quality is fantastic, up there with many of the leading designers I've bought in the past. The leather is flawless, even after a month of solid use it hasn't a mark on it. The zip pulls and arm strap feel strong, I know this bag is going to last me. Thirdly, it is the perfect size! I either carried around a tiny bag and over filled it or a huge bag half empty, the Model KT is just right. I have one regret...I didn't get the Teal one too!!!

Beautiful, elegant and functional.

This is such a lovely elegant purse - the colour is so vibrant too. I was a bit concerned before that I wouldn't be able to fit my essentials in but it's large enough to fit your money and your cards in - without being at all chunky. Using it makes me feel like a very special lady!

My new Sakura purse

My gorgeous teal leather Sakura purse is the ideal size for nights out. It's small and perfectly formed, holds a couple of cards and has a decent sized zip section for cash. But to be honest I bought it because of the beautiful teal colour and fab hardware, I love the smooth, chunky zip fob and little diamond detail. I'm very proud of my Jennifer Hamley purse, it's my little bit of luxury! Now I just need to save up for the Mini KT bag to go with it!

Luxury in my pocket

I really love my Sakura purse in Teal, it fits just perfectly in my pocket with notes, coins and a card.
I like to have a pocket size purse as l like walking, and like to have perfectly sized neat things that fit neatly in my pockets. it is so beautiful to handle the leather is lovely and soft and the zip fastener zips up and down so smoothly.
It is a little luxury in my pocket and I love it.

Sakura Coin Purse

As with my Model KT laptop bag, the design, quality and usability of this coin purse is superb. My colleagues are always asking me where I got both items. Everything is super stylish yet extremely functional as well. It is clear that Jennifer has a lot of pride in the items she creates. I think a Mini KT is in my near future!

mini KT review

I get so many compliments when i wear my bag i have a purple one and the colour is just lovely, its got so many compartments to fit all my bits n bobs in ! The packaging when it arrived so super impressive made me feel i hsve somthing really special
Its stylish and practical i love it :) x

New favorite present!

I am in love. Not only is this purse super functional but gorgeous- from texture to color to style. I've received so many compliments from my friends that I've decided that they'll all be getting it as birthday/wedding/anniversary/"just because I love you" presents this year. Thank you Jen for making something that is both practical and stylish!

Another fantastic design

I have recently received my lovely Mini KT and I love it. I chose black as the bag needs to go with everything. My new bag is excellent. It is beautifully made, smart and sturdy. It has just the right amount of detail to be elegant without being fussy. Inside, the bag is roomy and it is easy to find everything because of the numerous pockets. The finish of the inside is the same excellent quality as the outside. It is perfect as an 'everyday' bag - I only wish it had been available in chocolate to match my Model KT.

Beautiful and excellent quality!

Love it! Thank you!

I really wouldn't go far without my KT

As a mum to a 1 year old, I was dying to ditch my cumbersome and now tatty changing bag for something a bit more stylish. But handbags are to small for everything we need on a day to day basis; and tote bags just become a massive sack of clutter in which I can never find anything!
Then I got the BEST present, my beautiful KT! I find that my KT has enough space for all my essentials and any extra stuff I pick up along the way. I love the pen holders which fit lipsticks and USB drives too! Not to mention plenty of pockets for my little one's essentials too. The zip off tablet case is a real bonus as it doubles up as a sleek evening clutch. !

Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
My Model KT

my very own Chocolate KT has kept form, direction and a sense of order for me. Often it's all I have to cling on to in difficult moments. I am proud to wear it every day and walk the walk with confidence, when often my nerves are all over the place. The glorious bag is a thing of beauty. To use the fastenings (hardware) is a delight and the clutch is so useful especially when I have to leave the desk and head out across the various hospital departments - taking with me notebook pen keys wallet phone etc.

Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
Work bag wonder

This bag is like a funky office in a handbag. It looks super stylish yet is so functional.
I've never had so many complements about a bag before. I was at a networking event recently and a lady came up to me after to ask where it was from.
I almost want to keep it a secret but can't help but gush about it when someone asks.
I do try and cram everything in however which can't be good for my shoulder...solution...change the strap style et voila ...problem solved. Best work bag ever. Well done KT

Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
My bag is now my home office!

Since I received my bag my office has been so much tidier! It literally holds everything I need for my everyday jobs so I have streamlined and just got rid of everything from my work surfaces that didn't fit in my bag! Do I need lots of pens? Nope. I tidy up everything on the top of my desk into my bag every night. I work from home so it's helped segment my working life from my home life and if I need to work on the go everything is packed in my bag already (I have three kids so yes, already being packed makes a big difference). Oh and it's bright orange. Goodbye dreary workbags!

Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
Good quality of materials merged with functionality

I love the detachable clutch - I have it with me every single day. It fits for my gym bag and other work bags.

As an Asia woman of shorter physique, it is a bit too large for me.

I love my Model KT.

Although I am retired it makes a perfect weekend bag for all the non-clothes items that you need to take with you on a short break, or a trip to visit friends and relatives. It was especially useful when I travelled by train, as I could stow my luggage in the rack, then settle down in my seat with my Model KT with everything to hand that I wanted for the journey - my laptop for a film etc. The chocolate colour is gorgeous and goes with everything. It's a fantastic bag, by a very talented designer.

Practical AND Stylish

It can be difficult to find a bag that is both practical and stylish, but with the Model KT Work Bag, Jennifer Hamley has achieved just that. The range of colours are fun but not flamboyant, adding a colour pop to any outfit, and the finishing touches such as the branded hardware and the logo on the strap remind you that you are the owner of a luxury product. Roomy enough on the inside to carry all your everyday essentials, the pockets and pouches optimise this space and make organisation a doddle. The wires/makeup pouch is an inspired touch, as is the detachable clutch. I can't wait to see more from this talented designer.

Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
Classy and chic

The most versatile and high quality bag ever! I wish I had one in every colour.

Thank you for your wonderful review Amy - it makes me so happy to know that you are loving your Model KT. You're making me wonder what colours we should do next?! Best wishes, Jennifer
Now I am organised!

My new work bag makes sure I have everything I need if I am working at home or the office. The various pockets and pouches keep everything in its place so you are not searching for something that has fallen to the bottom. The leather is beautiful and the bag is so well made I know I will enjoy using it for many years.

Thank you for taking time out to send us a review on your Model KT Dawn, it means so much to me to know how much you are enjoying it.
Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
I <3 this bag!

Other bags stay at home sometimes, when the color or the size does not fit. This one has a place right next to my desk: Always ready for travel. I really love the design and all the little pockets inside to store business cards, cables, makeup, pens, and other little things.

Thank you for your fabulous review Carolin - I'm so pleased that you love your Model KT!
Model KT Work Bag with Detachable Clutch - Teal

An amazing bag! Love it so much!

Thank you for your review Rebecca - we are so happy that you love your Model KT!
Model KT Work Bag with Detachable Clutch - Teal
A1 bag

when I first saw the KT work bag, I thought what a beautiful design and what a most useful bag it would be for me. I am not the most organised of people always misplacing my pens, phone, diary and I pad. I now place everything back in the bag after I have used it, so no wondering where things are... Which means no time wasting.
I also use my bag for travel, all my travel documents + passport easy to access in the front zip pocket. Fits snug on to my onboard travel case ( as Jen demonstrated on her website ) leaving both hands free. Also fits nicely under the seat in front on a plane.
There was one difficulty I had with the bag, that was choosing which colour to have.

Thank you for your review June - I'm so happy that your Model KT has helped you become more organised. I love that the videos have helped you too - I'll be sure to share them with new customers. Jennifer
Borrowed from a friend.

I borrowed this bag in Aubergine from a friend (Samantha - thanks Sam!) for a conference I attended in london.
I really liked that I could wear the bag over my shoulder (rather than on the long strap) as I was moving around a lot that day.
The pockets were perfect for knowing where everything was when I needed it (notebook for writing ideas, iPad for sharing my website, business card slots for obvious reasons and the zip off clutch for when we broke for lunch!)
I can't wait until my birthday as my husband is going to get one of my very own to love!
Susie x

Thank you for your review Susie - and thanks to Samantha for showing you how to wear it different ways. I love that the Model KT helped you to navigate the conference with your own wonderful style and grace. I look forward to having you as a valued customer - if you need any help with purchase/decisions, just drop me a line anytime. Jennifer
Model KT Work Bag with Detachable Clutch - Teal
Love my new bag

Absolutely love my new Model KT bag. It is perfect - has loads of handy separate storage for different items so I know exactly where everything is as and when I want it. Love the colour - had loads of comments on how pretty it looks. What more can you want in a bag, its practical and absolutely stunning too. Thank you. I'm now saving for the smaller version for days I don't need to take my laptop out with me!

Thank you for your wonderful review Cheryl - I'm so happy that you love your Model KT. I'm honoured to have you as a valued customer. Jennifer
Model KT Work Bag - Salamander
I love this bag fro travelling!

I love the organisation in this bag - everything is at my fingertips. Also, it's perfect for travelling. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback Claire - I'm very happy that you are loving your Model KT. Best wishes, Jennifer

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